The Details In The Detour To An Eclipse

I remember being jerked awake. And instantly freaking out. Like, spaz mode, momentary out-of-body overreaction that would have made me pee my pants laughing if someone had been lucky enough to catch it on camera. I asked what happened, out of breath, turning my head to the left, desperately looking for an answer. It was... Continue Reading →

Adventure. Right In Their Backyard.

An adventure isn’t defined as an excursion, although an excursion can certainly be an adventure – and we’d argue that it probably should be. But, by definition, an adventure is an “unusual or exciting” experience or activity. That’s what the dictionary says, with no mention of location. Which leaves the door for potential wide open.... Continue Reading →

Hey kid. Zip it.

We could feel the platform swaying beneath our feet as we climbed to the top, the massive carabiners that our guide had connected to us hanging from our waists. The sway was subtle, but it was enough to trip our nerves as the ground continued to get further and further from us. I couldn’t see... Continue Reading →

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