Raise A Glass

It started as a gift, a fun way to celebrate our efforts to make sure our kids have a connection with the world around them. Because few things go better with a campfire after a long day exploring than a cold beer and messy, melted marshmallows.

glassware 3

And then people started asking.

“Where can I get one?”

Well, we can get you one. Or two. Or more. Whatever you’d like. And then we could arrange a group toast — to those of us who explore, kids in tow, making sure they understand why places need to be protected, why animals benefit from conservation efforts and how escaping from everything can bring everyone back to themselves.

glassware 4

And raising a glass in new places, with a taste of that place inside that glass, is part of the exploration. Isn’t it?

Filling it with brew made with glacial water in Glacier National Park, or pouring in an IPA brewed within Zion National Park as the sky lights up with more stars than you can imagine.

glassware 1

Yep, we will raise a glass to all that. And more. Because exploring never stops. Want to raise one yourself? Let us know.

glassware 2


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